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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

NEW Talent Assessment – Leading Edge Results

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile is based on the Five-Factor Model of Personality.  The Five-Factor Model is one of the most current, valid and reliable means of assessing personality. Psychologists use it as a primary means of understanding and interpreting personality with its focus on behaviors in the work environment.
Although we are all different in our own way, the human persona is broadly made up of: Intelligence, Physical Makeup, Experience, Knowledge and Personality Traits.  
An assessment tool like WorkPlace Big Five provides powerful insight of how traits relate to specific career streams as well as work-related behaviors found in day-to-day encounters with colleagues. Personality trait mapping can help determine how well a person is likely to perform in a given position. Knowledge of personality is of strategic importance, both from an HR and business perspective.
The Workplace Big Five Profile measures individuals' personalities in their everyday jobs.  Most importantly, the Big Five adds a means of understanding an individual's emotional response to stressful situations, which can make or break performance on the job. 

The five dimensions measured by the WorkPlace Big Five are:

Need for Stability: The level of emotional stability an individual displays in stressful situations.

Extraversion: An individual’s ability to connect with others, assertiveness and degree of sociability.

Originality: An individual's desire and openness to explore new things, embrace change and attention to detail.

Accommodation: The degree to which an individual strives to serve and adapt to the needs of others.

Consolidation: An individual's level of discipline, organization and drive.

23 sub-traits of the WorkPlace Big Five provide in-depth explanations of the five dimensions:

The versatility of the WorkPlace Big Five Profile means that one tool can do it all. You can use the same data and reports for candidate screening, team building, development, one-on-one or small group coaching, and even organizational analytics associated with workforce planning, succession, and other organizational development initiatives.
For more information on the WorkPlace Big Five assessment, and how it can benefit your organization, please contact Brenda LaRose at 204-257-9929 or

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